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Chaparral Environmental Solutions has developed a unique flow-back and produced water accelerated evaporation system that is strategically designed around existing regulatory framework.

Our system is mobile, deployed quickly, scalable, automated, and offers lower per barrel operating cost over traditional injection methods or recycling. Chaparral’s facility can be installed and operational within 14 days and removed in equal time. 

Chaparral aims to solve one of the largest problems facing today’s Oil and Gas industry. We are innovators in produced water management by offering a low-cost disposal method that utilizes natural evaporation with a complimentary mechanical system.

Our mission is to provide environmentally compliant fluid disposal services for the growing needs of the Oil and Natural Gas industry while offering an innovative workplace and safeguarding our environment.


Chaparral Environmental Solutions is an Austin based Oil and Gas service company focused on produced water accelerated evaporation. We design, construct and deploy produced water evaporation systems for upstream oil and gas operators. In 2017, Chaparral was among the top 3 finalists for Shell’s International GameChanger grant.

We are a small shop with a successful track record and scaling up quickly to accommodate industry demand. Our initial clients are among the largest producers in West Texas and we strive to exceed their expectations by making each system unique to their request while ensuring compliance with their HSE standards, delivering on-time and under budget.


Harnessing natural evaporation for produced water disposal is a common practice; however, existing systems require a large footprint, extensive permitting and bear a significant environmental risk due to their size and operable tenure. These facilities have a lengthy permit process and typically require long-term volume commitments as typically lined evaporation pits are costly. The novelty of our process lies within our ability to utilize existing oilfield infrastructure to reduce capital requirements and our environmental footprint. Our systems offer some of the lowest operating costs in the industry per barrel to evaporate and our automation controls allow for low supervision overhead and low maintenance without compromising system performance.


We Economically Dispose Produced Water in an Environmental Manner



Resource West specializes in designing and manufacturing wastewater evaporation systems and aboveground fluid storage tanks